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Quinterrius Eatmon is a formidable offensive lineman who showcased his talents at the University of South Florida. During his college career, Eatmon was a consistent starter for the Bulls, earning recognition for his solid performance on the field. Although specific stats for offensive lineman are not commonly recorded in college football, his contributions to the team’s offensive line set a standard for durability and effectiveness, paving the way for the Bulls’ running and passing plays. Transitioning to professional play, Eatmon brought his skills to the XFL in 2023, where he continued to demonstrate his proficiency in the trenches. Fans of the XFL will appreciate Eatmon’s steady presence on the offensive line, dedication to the sport, and the experience he garnered through his collegiate years at South Florida.

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  • XFL 2023: Vegas Vipers Offensive Group Breakdown
    by Gavin Duran on January 9, 2023 at 9:10 pm

    The draft, supplemental draft, and NFL Alumni Academy signings are all complete. Now practice and the season are now on everyone’s calendar to be next up. The Vegas Vipers have 74 players currently on the roster (66 Players need to be on the roster for the season) after all these phases of signings and drafting.  The post XFL 2023: Vegas Vipers Offensive Group Breakdown first appeared on XFL News Hub.

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