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WWE Survey Reveals Possible XFL Rules, Team Marching Bands

WWE issued a survey via its WWE Fan Council site asking what fans would like to see in the new XFL in 2020. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, several ideas reveal more possible rules changes and overall concepts for the league.

“Warp speed football reinvented.” is the marketing concept being used by the XFL to promote their brand of football.

Potential rules to speed up the game

  • no kickoffs
  • no timeouts
  • a 20-second play clock which could eliminate huddles
  • running clock would only stop during a change of possession

The survey notes players must be in better condition because they have less time to rest between plays.

Ideas discussed in the survey

  • New helmets with no face guards so fans can see the facial expressions of the players
  • Marching bands like in college football
  • “Backstage” locker room video segments allowing fans to see what is happening during a game
  • Fans calling plays, we already know this via their partnership with “Your Call Football.

We could make a comment about how much the WWE is actually listening to its fans; we will save that for our sister site All Wrestling. But they need the data and feedback from their vast fan base, so it makes sense to get some feedback on new XFL rules.

Post in the comments your thoughts on some of these ideas. Marching bands could be cool…

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John

    June 16, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    Hey Vince how bout I just take you out back you give me half of what your going to invest in the league. I kick you in the nuts, same endgame but you only lose half your steroid slave owner cash.

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