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XFL Markcast Episode 32 – The JAM-PACKED Episode! (Guest Host: Ernesto Lacayo)

“Well… that escalated quickly,” Ron Burgundy once said. If you’re looking at the total running time, don’t be alarmed, because every minute is entertaining. Paul will refrain from the cliche bell this week, because the show is actually JAM-PACKED and he’s getting dental surgery. Friend of the show, professional placekicker Ernesto Lacayo, steps in to guest host with Reid to give the latest news. Canadian sports talk host and CFL expert Rod Pedersen joins the crew to talk about the potential of a CFL/XFL merger, along with the hurdles to a merger and inside info on why the CFL is seemingly in trouble. Former Seattle Dragons running back and UFPA President Kenneth Farrow II hops in to discuss the UFPA’s start, how it became involved with the CFL/XFL news and the solutions to player concerns going forward in their athletic careers. Finally, former Super Bowl champion running back with the Seahawks, Robert “Turbo” Turbin discusses his stint with the FCF, coming after the Beasts defeat in the semifinals of their playoffs, along with his thoughts on where Russell Wilson might end up playing in the upcoming years.

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The XFL Markcast is a sports podcast focused on covering all things XFL football including news, insights and more produced and hosted weekly by Paul Sánchez and Reid Johnson.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stephen H Garrity

    March 30, 2021 at 9:11 pm

    My final word on a potential CFL/XFL Merger.

    During some of the PODcasts, the hosts, though acting as is if they are CFL experts, clearly show their lack of understanding of the Canadian game. Very much so.

    Let’s set things straight.

    The CFL is not losing money. Individual franchises are. Pre-COVID, six of the CFL teams reportedly operated in the black. The teams losing money are Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. They are losing a lot of money. But Toronto’s owners are Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, who have more money than brains. Montreal has new owners, and I’m not convinced they are in this for the long haul. Vancouver’s owner passed away, and the estate will sell the team once the merger is settled or abandoned.

    However, two seasons affected by COVID are certainly stressing the pocketbooks of the owners. I wouldn’t be surprised if Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment ends up buying the entire league, whose value is less than the price of a single NHL team. The CFL will still be around a while longer, with or without the XFL.

    I am gunge-ho about a full merger. I always thought that the CFL’s expansion into the States wasn’t a bad idea, just poorly executed. They should have changed their name to the Continental Football League, but the Canadian brand wasn’t going to sell that well. Had they waited five years, there would have been the internet, and, better cable TV options. Attendance wasn’t that bad either, except for Memphis and Birmingham, which never should have been awarded franchises in the first place.

    If there is a full merger, then we’re going to have a 20 game schedule, (Like the NFL) including pre-season. Ten games isn’t going to cut it. The CFL would have to double attendance to make up for the lost gate revenue, plus there are four new stadiums, plus three heavily renovated ones, that need the ten home dates.

    So, we are looking at an April to October schedule, meaning the US teams will have to compete late in the season with the NFL and college football. Don’t give me that gloom and doom song. If they pick the right cities and schedule properly, they can co-exist.


    Any Canadian will tell you the CFL is a more entertaining brand of football, but over the years, the NFL has essentially emulated the more open play that the CFL is so well renowned for.
    Here is what I propose.

    Field Size:
    Get rid of the 55 yard line, and reduce the endzones to 15 years, and keep the width. This will help accommodate US stadiums. Keep the goalposts on the goal line. During the podcast, when they read my suggestion, they scoffed at the goalpost on the goal line. Again, this represents a total lack of understanding in the CFL game. The wider field negates the goalposts’ presence, also, missed field goals with the ball landing in the endzone is a live ball. The player can concede a single point or run it out. This has given the CFL tremendous highlight reels.

    Keep most of the CFL rules; a yard off the line for the defensive team. Keep the CFL PAT (no XFL three pointers), and unlimited movement behind the line. The one area I think the CFL needs to concede is the three down rule.

    This is sacrilege for Canadians, but there is no way Americans are going to accept the three down game. Keeping most of the Canadian game intact, four downs isn’t the end of the world. If it really messes up the game, they can always transition back to it after a season or two of reflection.

    I really think that Four-Down Football will settle better with Toronto fans than the current CFL.

    The league needs to change names. Either the Continental Football League, or the International Football League. (Do not call it the World Football League!)

    There will be two nine-team conferences. The CFL conference and the XFL.
    Each team will play two games per season against teams in its own division, and one against other teams in the other division of the conference.

    If you are in the four team division, you’ll play six games within the division, five games against the other division, leaving seven games against the nine teams in the opposite conference. The other two teams can be played during pre-season.

    I can assure you, that Toronto fans would rather watch the St. Louis Battlehawks than watching Hamiliton for the fourth time that season. Games would become an envent, rather than playing the same teams over and over again, which is the CFL’s big problem in not having enough teams.

    XFL Teams.

    The entire model of the league was to operate immediately after the Super Bowl and run 12 weeks, including playoffs. A CFL merger will change this completely.

    Therefore, they can’t run head-to-head against NFL teams, but need to identify good markets that will draw fans in the late fall.

    Here is a brief list of suggested cities.

    Three former CFL cities that didn’t do that poorly. Sacramento, San Antonio, and Shreveport. Bring back their old uniforms, except San Antonio, since the “Texans” were stolen by Houston, they can go under the “Posse” which was a cool name. The Sacramento Gold Miners and Shreveport Pirates both had great uniforms. Bring ‘em back!

    Other suggested cities: Hartford, Orlando, St Louis, Milwaukee, San Diego, Portland, New York.

    This new league will be exciting, get good media coverage, and then they can start looking beyond the North American borders for future teams and make it truly global.

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