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XFL Leaked Kickoff Date + Camps/Combines, CFL East/West Finals Preview | The XFL Cinematic Universe

The XFL has leaked their kickoff date, The Spring League (and current USFL management) is being sued and we are previewing the CFL East and West Division Finals on this loaded episode of The Markcast.

Dany Garcia via Instagram has again leaked juicy details about the XFL’s 2023 return to the field. This time we have a proposed kickoff date, and dates for player combines (in June) as well as training camps in January of 2023. We break down the XFL 2023 timeline and talk potential conflicts with a hypothetical season 2 of the USFL.

Legendary Winnipeg Blue Bomber announcer Bob Irving then joins the show to chat about his retirement, the 2021 CFL season, the West Finals and more. Bob has been the voice of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for 47 years and his retirement will leave a vacuum in the CFL media landscape.

Andy Bouyoukos, tv director at CFL on TSN joins the show to preview both the West Final (which he will be directing) as well as the Grey Cup in Hamilton. Andy has direct 11 of the past 12 Grey Cups as well as numerous other high-profile CFL live events and has tons of stories and insights to share from his time behind the scenes.

We then have a special roundtable featuring the crew from the Krown Gridiron Nation show on TSN with Jim Mullin, Gord Randall and Mike Hogan breaking down both the East Final (featuring the Toronto Argonauts hosting the Hamilton Ticats) and the West Final (with the Saskatchewan Roughriders traveling to take on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers). Lots of laughs, insights and CFL analysis to be had from this mega-roundtable!

If that wasn’t enough, we talk about the current lawsuit facing The Spring League and CEO Brian Wood from B&D Associates out of Indianapolis for unpaid bills from the 2021 May Spring League season. What does that mean for the 2022 relaunch of the USFL? We have the latest info coming out from reporters on the ground there.

Final topics include Taylor Heinicke’s big win over Russell Wilson, Cam Newton getting benched for PJ Walker, a slew of new USFL trademarks, Bob Stoops’ new job, the drama involving articles about the Toronto Argos moving to the XFL, Grey Cup activities and more!

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The XFL Markcast is a sports podcast focused on covering all things XFL football including news, insights and more produced and hosted weekly by Paul Sánchez and Reid Johnson.

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