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Two 2023 USFL Hubs? XFL Showcases, USFL Week 10, CFL Week 2, 2K Sub Giveaway | Ep 97 – BC Lions Szn!

The BC Lions are taking over the CFL, the XFL is kicking off their player showcases and we’re previewing week 10 of the USFL and week 2 of the CFL with a STELLAR group of guests! Greg Park of XFL Board, Tim Baines of the Ottawa Sun, Keon Hatcher from America’s CFL team the BC Lions, USFL historian Paul Reeths and Coach Craig Sports all join the show!

The XFL Showcases are kicking off this weekend in Washington DC and Florida as the XFL moves forward with its 2023 relaunch of the XFL brand. Greg Parks of XFL Board (who will be attending the XFL Florida showcasE) joins the show to preview what he’s going to be looking for from the XFL over the weekend. We also break down the XFL’s recently announced partnership with BreakAway Data and talk through the XFL’s potential summer timeline as we look forward to XFL cities and team nickname announcements. We also get Greg Parks’ thoughts on the recently announced XFL offensive and defensive coordinators as well as the Directors of Player Personnel that the XFL has brought into the fold.

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The Markcast® is a sports-centric podcast hosted by Reid Johnson, covering news and opinions related to the CFL, XFL, USFL and other "alt-football" leagues outside the NFL.

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