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The USFL Lives! Will C-218 Save the CFL? | The Markcast Episode 43 – It’s Edmonton Elks Season!

The USFL is BACK baby! Just announced by FOX Sports, The Spring League CEO Brian Woods plans to bring back the USFL in 2022 for some spring football. What does the USFL’s return mean for the future of the CFL / XFL talks? We cover the entire USFL story from top to bottom. This week, Reid enlists Matt Lyons, XFL and CFL NewsHub writer, as the guest co-host for this episode, as Edmonton releases their new name… The Elks! That’s a fierce name. You couldn’t talk Edmonton football without bringing in their colour analyst, Dave Campbell, to chat about the new name and all things Edmonton. Tom Mayenknecht, host of The Sport Market on TSN, also joins Reid to give his thoughts on the USLF revival, the CFL/XFL debate and how the single-game sports betting bill C-218 could change the future of the CFL as we know it! It was a wild week, we hope you enjoy!!

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The XFL Markcast is a sports podcast focused on covering all things XFL football including news, insights and more produced and hosted weekly by Paul Sánchez and Reid Johnson.

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