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Sam Schwartzstein on USFL Rules, Michael Cohen on FOX Lawsuit, Jim Mullin | Ep. 86 – USaaFxfL Rules

It’s a jam-packed, double-loaded show today as we welcome FIVE guests to the program this week, Sam Schwartzstein, creator of the XFL rulebook returns to dissect the new USFL rules, IP/Trademark Lawyer Michael Cohen gives an update on the “real” USFL v. FOX Sports lawsuit, Football Canada President Jim Mullin talks CFL marketing and USFL plus player interviews with former Edmonton/Hamilton/Winnipegger Greg Peach and XFL Roughnecks/now Edmonton Elks Sergio Castillo.

There’s been lots of XFL vs. AAF vs. USFL rules with the announcement of the new USFL rulebook, lots of accusations of “borrowing” ideas from other leagues and who should have the right to use them, and we go to the source of the XFL rulebook Sam Schwartzstein to get his thoughts on the matter. We talk with Sam Schwartzstein about the pros and cons of the new USFL rules and dissect everything that may or may not have gone into the decisions to use certain other alt-football rules in the soon to kick off USFL rulebook. If you’re into football rule psychology, this is a MUST-listen interview!

FOX Sports has responded to the “real” USFL’s updated lawsuit and things aren’t looking good for the old stead of Steve Ehrhart and company, but just HOW bad do things appear? We bring back fan-favorite and friend of the program Michael Cohen, IP and trademark lawyer out of Beverly Hills to share his knowledge and expertise on the situation.

4-time returning guest Jim Mullin, President of Football Canada and host of Krown Gridiron Nation on TSN stops by to talk about his RELIEF that the talks of the CFL moving to 4 downs has finally subsided. We chat about the Genius Marketing deal, off-season notes regarding the BC Lions and Edmonton Elks plus we cover the USFL “relaunch” and what they need to do to stand apart from other spring alternative football leagues and the NFL.

We wrap the show today with two wonderful player interviews, Greg Peach and Sergio Castillo. Greg Peach, former Edmonton/Hamilton/Winnipeg CFL alum joins us from his home in Spokane, Wa to talk a little March Madness (or sadness if you’re a Gonzaga fan) plus what the CFL needs to do to attract youth and to build stronger relations between the players on the field and the fans in the stands. Finally, long-time fan favorite Sergio Castillo of the Houston Roughnecks, BC Lions, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and Edmonton Elks makes an appearance to preview the upcoming CFL season and to discuss his journey as a professional football player including all of his ups and downs along the way. We concentrate on the support of his family, his sources of strength and advice for future players wanting to play professional football, and OF COURSE, we talk Bud Light Seltzer and his infamous post-game moment in the XFL.

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The Markcast® is a sports-centric podcast hosted by Reid Johnson, covering news and opinions related to the CFL, XFL, USFL and other "alt-football" leagues outside the NFL.

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