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Mike Mitchell on USFL Contracts, Nathan Rourke, Rob Vanstone | CFL Free Agency ≥ USFL Free Agency

We’re talking USFL player contracts with XFL/USFL insider Mike Mitchell, catching up with BC Lions’ starting quarterback Nathan Rourke and breaking down CFL free agency with Rob Vanstone, it’s a jam-packed show!

Mike Mitchell joins the show this week to go in-depth on his recent article outlining the USFL player contracts for the 2022 season. Is the USFL paying enough to attract star talent? Should the USFL be taking care of room and board for their players? Is the USFL doing enough this close to their April kickoff to inspire decent viewership and fan engagement? We tackle all of these questions and many more!

BC Lions starting quarterback Nathan Rourke stops by the program to recount him being named the BC Lions starting quarterback and what it means to him as a Canadian to represent his country (and America lol) in the Canadian Football League. We also talk about personal and team goals for the 2022 CFL season and what would define the 2022 CFL season as a “success”.

Finally longtime friend of the program Rob Vanstone stops by to run down all of the latest and biggest transactions taking place during the 2022 CFL free agency. Which teams “won” their free agency and what teams “lost”? We also talk about 1 year player contracts, Andrew Harris, Trevor Harris, Vernon Adams Jr., Kenny Lawler and many more CFL stars.

Besides all of this we have your regular USFL and CFL news including comments from USFL management about the upcoming USFL season, their plans moving forward into year 2 and what strategies they have to build fan engagement in the 8 “home” USFL cities even though the teams are playing in a HUB in Birmingham, Alabama. A can’t miss show!


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The Markcast® is a sports-centric podcast hosted by Reid Johnson, covering news and opinions related to the CFL, XFL, USFL and other "alt-football" leagues outside the NFL.

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