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CFL Week 8 Preview | The Markcast Episode 59 – Where Have All The Exciting CFL Games Gone?

It’s a CFL week 8 preview show with Darrell Davis and Sean Campbell rehashing the horrendous showing from the Ottawa REDBLACKS hosting the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Wednesday night. CFL fans are becoming upset about the lack of offense and excitement in the recent weeks of CFL gameplay and we try to figure out why.

Canadian Hall of Fame report Darrell Davis and Sean Campbell of TSN690 and Play by Play announcer of the Montreal Alouettes also preview the upcoming week of CFL games including the aforementioned Alouettes traveling to Toronto to take on the Argonauts and the 4-2 Saskatchewan Roughriders flying to BC to take on the similarly ranked BC Lions. Who will be ranked second in the CFL West division? We will soon find out.

Also Steve McAllister, a long-time Canadian sports media and communications expert stops by the program to chat about single-game sports betting as it relates to the CFL and their business model moving forward. What steps are being taken in terms of harassing the revenue that comes along with single-game sports betting and is CFL management and the on-air talent doing enough to take advantage of it?

Finally Dany Garcia had another one of her infamous Instagram stories XFL news “drops” by mentioning a dinner meeting with some of her fellow XFL business partners and Redbird Capital. We also cover the latest news of XFL darling Taylor Heinicke’s meteoric rise with the Washington Football team including his latest sponsorship deal with Bud light.

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The XFL Markcast is a sports podcast focused on covering all things XFL football including news, insights and more produced and hosted weekly by Paul Sánchez and Reid Johnson.



  1. Lester Zeller

    September 29, 2021 at 2:10 pm

    Hi Reid and Paul, as a long-time CFL and Roughrider fan, I find your Markcasts very informative with alot of great guests who are on the forefront of football on both sides of the border. I am not a traditionalist, however, and feel the CFL will come to regret a merger with the XFL. Yes the CFL has been around a while, but has stagnated much of that time, enough that my sons do not follow it much beyond the Rider games. I’m hoping a joint league could still happen but I’m afraid it may be too late. There has to be a major commitment from both sides, including fans, and it doesn’t appear to be there among CFL fans. I would love to see a Riders-Dragons game, especially in the highly charged new stadium we now have, usually filled to capacity. The CFL needs more teams to get the younger fans out, although that isn’t a problem in Saskatchewan. The big hurdle is the player ratio, rules, etc, but those things could be worked out. My only concern is that with the bulk of the fans, cash, etc. in the U.S. the Canadian game may eventually lose any resemblence of the former league if pressure comes from XFL fans and owners to go more to an American game. There are always risks and I feel it would have been worth it if some of the more exciting aspects of the Canadian game would become better known down south. Anyways, hope the XFL flies, and we can still be part of it. Keep up the good work. Les

    • Reid Johnson

      October 1, 2021 at 10:25 am

      Appreciate your kind words, take care!!

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