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XFL Team Names Leaked Online, Some Old, Some New, Some Surprising Changes

With XFL Las Vegas head coach Rod Woodson’s announcement on both the Pat McAfee Show and Rich Eisen show, the XFL will release its team names and logos next week. Fans who have waited over two years must wait until next week to see the XFL Team names, or do they?

Did the XFL team names get leaked via the XFL shop? Thanks to Rock Renegade for sending us the following.

The XFL Shop has placeholder sections for each of the eight XFL teams. There are no logos or merchandise, just the team names. Some XFL team names are new, others have changed a bit, and some have stayed the same. Let’s break them down.

What XFL Team Names Stayed The Same

DC Defenders
Houston Roughnecks
St. Louis BattleHawks

What XFL Team Names Have A Slight Change

Arlington Renegades
Orlando Guardians
Seattle Sea Dragons
Vegas Vipers

Based on Mike Mitchell’s reporting, the XFL took some money from the City of Arlington to use their name rather than Dallas, so Arlington Renegades is no surprise.

There was talk that a New York and Los Angeles franchise would eventually return to the XFL in the future. The reason why the XFL skipped those locations was due to how expensive those areas are. Once the league is established, they could eventually set up shop in those locations again. But now, that might not be the case, as the Orlando team has taken the Guardians’ name.

The Seattle Sea Dragons from Seattle Dragons is also a bit of a surprise. We know that Sea Dragons was a finalist from the XFL 2.0 era for Seattle. Maybe the logo designers could have more fun with this concept.

Now that Tampa Bay is no longer a location, most thought that Orlando would take over the Vipers name. It seems like the XFL feels that Vegas Vipers works better, so the league now needed a name for Orlando and went with Guardians.

New XFL Team Name

San Antonio Brahmas

Our own Brandon Anderson pointed out “Interesting enough if the San Antonio team name is correct with this leak, the stadium that San Antonio team would be practicing at with the Northwest ISD the high school there is actually called the Brahams and have been since 1948.”

What is a Brahma? Well, it is a breed of chicken, but that might not be it. Brahma is also one of the major gods of Hinduism. Also, The Rock, during his WWE days, had a famous Brahma Bull tattoo that was featured on many WWE T-Shirts during the WWE attitude era. We will have to wait till next week to find out what the logo could be.

What is your reaction to these potentially leaked XFL team names? Which one is the best and worst? We will have a complete picture sometime next week, but for now, there has been no official word from the league.

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Mark Perry, a passionate sports journalist and the founder and editor of XFL News Hub, has been at the forefront of covering the XFL since its revival in 2018. Within days of the XFL's announced return, Mark initiated XFL News Hub to keep the fans abreast of every detail, game, and development of the league. Mark's extensive knowledge of the sport, combined with his unwavering dedication to providing comprehensive and accurate reporting, has made XFL News Hub the go-to platform for all things related to the XFL. His work over the years has brought him recognition in the world of sports journalism, solidifying his place as a leading voice in XFL coverage. Beyond just reporting, Mark believes in fostering a community around the XFL, engaging fans through his innovative content and discussions. If you have any inquiries, comments, or insights you'd like to share, Mark welcomes you to contact him directly at



  1. Dfwsports

    September 23, 2022 at 11:14 pm

    Brahma is going to likely be the cattle variety ( which were imported to Texas from India. Various generations of the hockey teams in Fort Worth have used the name Brahmas for years from Fort Worth Brahmas to currently called Lone Star Brahmas in NAHL.

  2. santaclaracurse

    October 5, 2022 at 12:33 am

    New York and L.A. would be a stupid idea after what happened last time, and now the XFL would have to deal with the New Jersey Generals as well too.
    Go to San Diego and Hartford instead.

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