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XFL Fans Prefer Betting On Bitcoin Sites

The XFL captured the attention of sports fans earlier this year, with a particular focus on betting.

XFL betting was always going to be key to the success of the new league, which offers NFL fans another slice of football during the off-season.

Bringing XFL to the market was a major challenge but with revamped rules, plenty of people tuned in to check out the NFL alternative.

The idea behind XFL was that play would be faster and easier to understand than in the NFL. Helping to bring football to a new audience, a new audience that enjoys different types of online entertainment such as esports or to play poker at bitcoin casinos.

And with betting at the heart of the XFL, the sport was in a good position to take advantage of growing interest in sports wagers following the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling.

XFL takes different view to NFL on sports betting

Like most of the major American sports leagues, the NFL has never embraced sports betting. Fears the validity of the league could be tarnished by widespread wagers have held the NFL back over the years, but the XFL had no such qualms.

As XFL president Jeffrey Pollack said in a report by ESPN, sports betting was one of the areas the new league saw as being able to fuel growth and interest.

“We see a lot of pros to leaning into the sports betting world,” he said. “It’s what our fans want. We don’t see cons, we see opportunity.” Pollock has also gone on the record to describe gambling as “absolutely fundamental” to the success of the XFL.

The XFL had no fears about taking advice from a group of major Las Vegas sportsbook operators on what would be useful rules to include in the new league.

One of the main ideas was to cut the length of time it takes to play a match, with XFL games clocking in at around three hours due to changes such as a shortened play clock.

Senior vice president strategy and business development John Scheler for the XFL also explained that a rule change for after touchdowns was designed to make it easier for teams in the league to produce comebacks. Naturally, this helps to keep people’s bets alive for longer.

Despite many states across America being yet to give the green light to XFL betting and wagers on other sports, the XFL’s approach was perceived to have been a success in those early weeks of the new season.

XFL’s first week showed close links to betting

Odds are very rarely mentioned in the NFL, but in the first weekend of XFL action it was clear the league had decided to take a much different approach.

The prices for teams were shown in a prominent position during broadcasts of XFL games and odds for the games were also mentioned during the action by the commentators.

Caesars and FoxBet were among the XFL’s sponsoring sportsbooks to appear in the footage too. Another sportsbook FanDuel, reported a 55 per cent rise in XFL betting between Saturday and Sunday on the opening weekend of the new league.

Betting corruption is one of the things that has prevented the NFL from embracing gambling, but the XFL has also taken a number of steps to ensure this does not become a problem.

The XFL launched an online integrity programme to educate participants while the league also made sure the state regulators were kept fully up to date with their latest plans as well.

Why is betting on Bitcoin sites preferred by XFL fans?

Although it is still early days for the XFL and it is unclear when the action will restart, there are indications these sports fans could prefer to do their betting on Bitcoin sites.

Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to make deposits into betting accounts is becoming more and more popular. There are a few different reasons for this, but one of the top ones is that cryptos are widely thought to be a very safe and secure payment method.

The speed at which Bitcoin payments can be processed is also a major positive for cryptocurrency users.

While it can take several days for withdrawals using a debit card to be processed, the same withdrawal goes through almost instantaneously when using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin payments are certainly here to stay for good, especially when it comes to XFL betting.

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