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The Future of XFL – Interview With Lucas Mollberg

Following the unfortunate events of early 2020 that left the XFL in total disarray, things are once again looking good for the league that is looking set to come back in 2022 and skip only one season. Under new ownership and management, the XFL may yet become the success it was promised to be.

We talked to Lucas Mollberg, a sports and gambling industry expert about the future prospects of the XFL both in terms of success on the national stage and as a new betting market for millions of Americans in the newly regulated betting markets.

Hello Lucas and thank you for talking to us. We now have news that the XFL will be back in 2022 and also that a potential deal with the CFL may be in place. Can you tell us more?

Hello and thank you for having me on. Let me say that I personally loved the concept and innovations that the XFL brought to the sport and I always supported this competition. It was extremely unfortunate what happened and I believe the league would have kept going if not for the pandemic.

That said, it looks like the pieces are falling into place and the 2022 season will happen, which I am very happy to see. It appears that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and others involved with the XFL have been looking into a deal with the CFL as well, and something may come out of it by 2023 if both sides can find economic reasons to justify it.

You know your way around sports, but your main niche is sports betting and gambling. What kind of betting opportunities will the restoration of the XFL bring about?

I think XFL will be amazing in terms of betting. It’s such a dynamic competition with so many variables and I think punters will absolutely love it. Visitors of one of my sites, Bestbonus.co.nz, were already quite interested in it by the time it was cancelled and I think there is no reason for it not to be a huge success in that sense once it resumes.

I believe that the XFL has great potential in the live betting area. This means players can bet play-by-play, as the games are going on. Live betting is already a thing in many sports, but I think the XFL’s format is uniquely well-suited to it.

Can the XFL be a great success, in your opinion? Has the league’s failure thus far been due to bad luck, poor management, or simply because it’s not a good idea?

I definitely don’t think it wasn’t a good idea. After all, we had millions of people tuning in to watch even the first season, so for sure there is a market for it. We want football all year round and there is no reason the XFL can’t fill that gap between the NFL seasons.

In terms of competing with the NFL, I don’t know about that. If the league can be a success for some years, perhaps it can start looking like a serious competitor. For the time being I would imagine the owners want to kick things off the ground and set up a competition that is well-known and liked by millions first.

Thank you for the opportunity to pick your brain and we hope to have a chance to talk to you more as the 2022 season approaches and the first betting markets also open. 

Mark is the founder and editor of XFL News Hub. The site was started in January of 2018, within days of the announced return of the XFL. Contact him directly by emailing mark.perry@xflnewshub.com

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