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How gambling is infiltrating the world of sports sponsorship

The rise of sports betting sponsorships has recently been a hot topic. In the past, sports betting was frowned upon by audiences, sports leagues, and even the government. The popularity of sports and betting has increased significantly in the UK and in the U.S. as we can read on the website of runcasinos: “Оnlinе саsinоs in the UK аrе ехсеllent sitеs to place your first bеt аnd bесоmе fаmiliаr with gаmbling rulеs. Thеrе аrе mаny саsinоs in thе British mаrkеt аnd yоur аim is tо sеlесt thе prоvidеr whiсh is thе bеst in tеrms оf sесurity аnd оvеrаll gаming оffеr. “

In terms of sports sponsorship, American football is one of the most prominent compared to other types of sports. The NFL’s long history of corporate support from a wide variety of sectors is well-documented. Sponsorship is still one of the most important income sources for the NFL and American sports in general. Sponsorship from the gaming and casino industries is one option that is often disregarded.

Betting on sports is now widely accepted by both individuals and institutions throughout the globe. Many organizations and clubs have begun looking at sports betting as a potential new income stream. Teams and leagues have been granting betting sites the privileges and status of “official betting partners” and “official betting sponsors” in recent years. The vast majority of operators and online casinos in the United Kingdom and in the U.S. today are upstanding residents of the communities in which they are licensed, taxed, and promote responsible gambling. Some sports rely heavily on sponsorship money to keep operating, and there’s a natural fit between the businesses that provide that money and the activities they support.

It has been projected that criminal organizations are laundering US$140 billion annually via match-fixing and illicit betting, with 53% of unlawful bets originating from Asia. This is according to research issued in 2014 by Sorbonne University and the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS). Given the long and close relationship between casinos and the NFL, we decided to investigate the types of casino sponsorship available to the NFL and how they function.

American football and sponsorship

The fact that gambling and the NFL have been close partners for decades is something that is sometimes overlooked. The popularity of betting on NFL games dates back far before it was authorized in the United States. Even in the present day, there are a plethora of online gambling companies that provide punters more opportunities to wager on sporting events.

Over the next decades, as gambling became more widely legalized in many countries, a growing number of gambling sponsorships appeared in American football. According to the Green Bay Packers’ most recent annual report, the NFL made a record $11 billion in revenue last season, with each of the 32 clubs earning $343.7 million.

Various corporations have partnered with the NFL, including shipping giant FedEx and beverage giants Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi Co., and Gatorade. It is said that more than 30 different companies support the NFL.

American football sponsorship now

Many businesses that the league had previously avoided as sponsors are now expected to join. In January 2019, the NFL made the surprising announcement that it will be forming a partnership with a gaming corporation. Now, those who have followed the league for any length of time know that they have consistently opposed casino and sports betting.

Still, it’s wonderful news for the casino and sports betting sectors that the league has a gambling sponsor. After the Supreme Court’s verdict in May 2018, it’s an indication that gambling is becoming more mainstream in the nation. It’s encouraging to see a company that has publicly railed against sports betting come around to accepting it at least in some manner. There has been considerable growth in the number of gambling sponsorships of American football teams as a result of the proliferation of various tools, platforms, and payment methods that made it possible for individuals to bet through their mobile phones.

The increasing popularity of online betting is expected to continue in the years to come. This is why the importance of digital betting providers continues to rise as a result of their steady year-over-year expansion.

More things to know

The National Football League has previously voiced concerns that legalizing sports betting may encourage “courtsiding” and other anti-social behaviors. There have never been any major reasons to doubt the league’s concern. There has long been skepticism that teams and players are colluding with sports betting businesses to manipulate the results of games. Twenty people were permanently banned and ejected from the 2016 US Open after a notorious incident.

However, as legal sports betting becomes more widespread, the NFL has begun to adopt similar policies. While the NFL recognizes the positive publicity these partnerships are generating for both companies, it has imposed certain limitations on the expanding partnerships. There should be rigorous no-betting regulations in place for all teams at all times in all stadiums, with the exception of specially designated betting zones or lounges where supporters may make bets.

The league has also implemented regulations on the placement of sponsorship logos and other signage inside the stadiums. There is a ban on betting partner logos being displayed wherever an NFL club may have cameras pointed at them.

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