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Fox Sports announces USFL relaunch

People, especially Americans, share a deep love and fascination for football. As a result, several football leagues were established throughout the years. Just recently, a comeback of a defunct classic league is making waves on global headlines. The United States has long been a melting pot of athletic prodigies and the country’s football community will once again shine in the sports scene with the return of the United States Football League or USFL.

Back in the 1980s, there was a football league called the USFL. This league only ran for three seasons (1983 to 1985) during the spring or summer. The following year, the league was supposed to play during autumn or winter to compete with the National Football League (NFL). However, the USFL ceased its operations before it even started its fourth season.

It was announced that the league will be brought back to life with the help of Fox Sports. Similar to the original league, this will also be played during spring and early summer. With the help of technology, fans can now bet on the upcoming matches like how they do on their favourite esports games.

Even with the updated official site, there are also several other details fans would have to know about the comeback of this renowned league. Here are some of them.

People involved in the USFL’s relaunching

Spring League CEO and founder Brian Woods will be the President of Football Operations for the upcoming USFL season. He will be working alongside three-time Super Bowl champion and former Dallas Cowboys fullback Dary ‘Moose’ Johnston who will be the Executive Vice President of Football Operations.

Other people who will be in charge are former NFL Vice President and FOX Sports’ NFL and College Football Rules analyst Mike Pereira and FOX Sports’ Edward Hartman who will be the Executive Vice President of Business Operations.

With the impressive lineup of experienced people, USFL Board of Directors chairman Eric Shanks said, ‘We are extremely fortunate to have this extraordinary team of experienced executives to guide the new USFL’s development as we move toward launch this spring’.

Season kick-off

The games will begin in mid-April and will run through mid-June, followed by the playoffs. Overall, the entire tournament will take place in 12 weeks. All the matches are to be played in one location which is yet to be officially announced.

All the games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays. By having FOX Sports as the official media partner, fans can watch special broadcasts on specific Fridays and Mondays. FOX will also air the games weekly.

So far, there are no updates about live audiences returning to stadiums.

USFL teams

Eight teams will take part in the USFL season. They will be split into two divisions — North and South. Each of them will take part in a 10-game schedule. This means that each team will play against teams of the same division twice and against the teams of the other division once. The top two teams in each division will then play against each other in the semifinals. A week later, the championship game will be held.

So far, the official team names are yet to be announced.

These are just some of the information that football fans should know about the upcoming USFL season. By knowing more about this, fans will be more eager to place bets on their favourites like how they do when watching esports games. They will also be more ecstatic to see what unfolds this season after immense efforts were exerted to make this possible.

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